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200308 JEFF PARKER & COMPANY Appomattox Bluegrass

Jeff Parker & Company

Sunday, March 8th, 2020
at 2:00 pm

Jeff Parker has become a larger than life figure in bluegrass music. He’s a big man, with a huge voice, a heart as wide as all outdoors, and a sense of humor sure to tickle the coldest soul.

This past 12 years he’s been a staple of the Dailey & Vincent show, holding down the mandolin spot, adding his voice to one of the finest singing groups bluegrass has ever seen, and providing stage antics that are a highlight of every D&V performance. Even if you’ve seen him work the audience a dozen times, it’s still hilarious on the thirteenth.

Like so many bluegrass artists, Jeff started young, singing with his family’s Gospel group as a teen. He played with a number of regional bands in his native Kentucky, before singing on at Refro Valley in 1986. After 8 years in the park, he and his brother Mike formed their own group, Wilderness Trail.

In 2001, Lonesome River Band came calling, and Parker was introduced to the wider world of bluegrass. His five years with the band established him as one of the most dynamic singers in the business, and when Dailey & Vincent were forming in 2007, they reached out and made him one of the first members of their new act.

He told us yesterday that while he has very much enjoyed his time with Jamie and Darrin, he feels like he is ready to strike out on his own.

“I’m 57 years old, and I can do this a few more years, but I want to do it under my own name.

I feel like it’s time. I’ve been contemplating this for a long time. My dad and I had talked about this a lot, and I guess it’s now or never. I’m excited about it.”

Presented by the Appomattox County High School Athletic Booster Club

Tickets for this show are $25 in advance
and $30 at the door.
Children (6-12) $15.00;
children (5 & under) Free

The Appomattox County High School Auditorium
198 Evergreen Avenue
Appomattox, Virginia

For more information please call 434-660-7101

Tickets for this show are just $25 in advance and $30 at the door!
For more information: phone 434-660-7101
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