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Because We Have Music Concert Series

Kid Pan Alley
Celebrating one year of music and community!

Clockwise from top: Billy Jonas, Howard Levy, Paul Reisler

Howard Levy & Billy Jonas
with Paul Reisler and Cheryl Toth

Livestream concert

Because We Have Music
Concert Series

The Because We Have Music free livestream concert series celebrates its 1st anniversary on Sunday, May 2nd at 7pm (EDT) with harmonica master Howard Levy of the Flecktones, Billy Jonas and Kid Pan Alley hosts Paul Reisler and Cheryl Toth.  It’s got all the charm and intimacy of a house concert, just that everyone is in their own house. RSVP at KidPanAlley.eventbrite.com

This free livestream concert will be held on

Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 7:00 pm

RSVP at KidPanAlley.eventbrite.com

Howard Levy is an acknowledged master of the diatonic harmonica, a superb pianist, innovative composer, recording artist, bandleader, teacher, and producer. But, what he does with the harmonica should be impossible. Way back in the 1970’s he revolutionized the instrument—inventing a technique that allowed him to play all 12 notes of the chromatic scale on an instrument with only the 8 notes of the diatonic scale. This enabled Howard to take the harmonica out of its usual role as a Folk and Blues instrument, and into the worlds of Jazz, Classical, Middle Eastern music, and more.

And since he only needs one hand to play the harmonica, he often uses his other hand to play the piano. By the way, he is also a master of the piano, playing that instrument with jazz greats such as Tito Puente, Paquito D’Rivera, and Donald Fagen. He’s won two Grammy awards and is a founding member of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. He’s appeared on hundreds of albums with artists including Kenny Loggins, Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, Styx, and most every album Paul Reisler has produced since he first met Howard in the early 80’s. Reisler says, “Of all the musicians I’ve known in my career, there are two who I’d say are true geniuses, Howard Levy and Maestro Lorin Maazel. What more can I say?”

For 25 years, Billy Jonas -- performer, singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator -- has perfected the art of the neo-tribal hootenanny with audiences around the globe. Using voice, guitar, and industrial re-percussion, each concert is a soul-spelunking, heart healing, joy-filled journey.

The New York Times called his music “…witty, smart, raw.” While multi-Grammy winner Alison Krauss called it "...irresistible... my face hurts from smiling." Then there was Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary who nailed it with "Billy Jonas is one of the most original, moving and simultaneously hilarious performers I've ever seen. Each song enters an unexpected world of its own, creates a film, a state of being, an unexpected. seemingly extemporaneous story; your story and mine, seen through the brilliant lens of Billy's muse and loving heart.”

Paul Reisler’s career began in 1975 when his band Trapezoid got a recording contract at their first performance. In addition to 20 years of touring with Trapezoid, he was music director for Ki Theatre, the leader of A Thousand Questions (that featured Levy), and Three Good Reasons. He founded Kid Pan Alley in 1999 and has since written close to 3,000 songs with an army of tens of thousands of children across the country. He’ll be joined by vocalist Cheryl Toth.This free concert is the kick-off of Kid Pan Alley’s participation in the Give Local Piedmont community fundraising event supporting the work of local non-profits in the Virginia Piedmont. For more information or to donate: https://GiveLocalPiedmont.org/KidPanAlley

Kid Pan Alley started this series the early days of the pandemic to connect audiences with the music that was dying to be heard.

RSVP at KidPanAlley.eventbrite.com

Kid Pan Alley • PO Box 38, Washington, VA 22747
https://www.kidpanalley.org/   *    540.322.2022   *    info@kidpanalley.org
This is a virtual concert. No tickets required.
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