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Welcome to the LynchburgTickets family of companies.

We are dedicated to promotion of the Arts on a broad scale and support of Artists and Arts organizations, as well as those people who are about the business of building the community.  We believe that a healthy and vibrant Arts community leads to a healthy, engaged, vibrant, and happy Community in general.  Our aim is to enhance the quality of life in central Virginia by connecting people with the Arts and building the audience for artists.  LynchburgTickets.com and CVaTickets.com, in association with ArtsLynchburg.net, is one means to advance that mission, by pulling together a large number of arts organizations and providing a convenient means to buy tickets online.

If you are an artist or represent an arts organization we want to promote you and your work.  If your interest is in building a more vibrant community, we want to promote your work.   Please fill out the form below to submit your event.

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Publication limited to Arts & cultural events in and around Lynchburg, Virginia, and the central Virginia area.

Please fill out the following information to submit an event for listing on LynchburgTickets.com, CVaTickets.com, and ArtsLynchburg.net.  We will do our best to get your event online in a timely manner once complete information has been received.  Note that free events are always listed for free.  If there is an admission fee for your event, submitting this form constitues your agreement for tickets to be sold online by LynchburgTickets.com for a nominal fee (never to exceed 5% of actual sales).  Contact us at 434-390-1839 for specific details or alternate terms.


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Phone:  1 (434) 390-1839  [It may be necessary to use the area code even if you are in the 434 area.  Thank you.]
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